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Welcome! This section is devoted fine examples of craftsmanship of all types wooden. 

Arts & Crafts /  Greene & Greene Furniture

Darrell Peart - FurnituremakerSide Table in Greene and Greene Style by Darrell Peart
If you appreciate the Greene & Greene style, Darrell Peart is your man. The brothers Greene, Charles and Henry, were Arts & Crafts era designers of homes and furniture.  Their style has quite a bit more oriental influence than say Gustav Stickley or Frank Lloyd Wright.  The Greene brothers are probably best recognized for their use of the "cloud lift" element in their furniture and doors.  The Gamble House, in Pasadena, CA, is their surviving masterpiece complete with custom furnishings and art glass.  Darrell Peart (remember him?) executes pieces in the Greene & Greene style better than anyone that I've run across.  A really nice touch is that his website  has a "work in progress" section that contains shop drawings and technique photos.  Oh yes, and Mr. Peart has a new book on his favorite subject.


Thomas Starbuck Stockton - FurnituremakerDesk in Greene and Greene Style by Thomas Starbuck Stockton
Again, if you appreciate Greene & Greene you will find Mr. Stockton's website inspirational.  If the Brothers Greene are not quite your style, then perhaps his superbly crafted traditional or oriental inspired pieces will catch your fancy.  


NEW Celski Studios
Tim Celski builds wonderful Arts & Crafts style inspired outdoor furniture.  He has adapted several items, including Adirondack chairs and benches, to Greene & Greene style.  Check out his Gallery section. 


Thomas Gallenberg - American Master Craftsman
Mr. Gallenberg specializes in the Greene & Greene style. His site has everything from the expected ebony plug adorned tables, doors, bedsteads, and sconces, to the unexpected kitchen island and garage door set.


Thomas Strangeland - Artist / CraftsmanGreene and Greene - Gamble Style Rocker by Thomas Strangeland
Another Greene & Greene inspired furniture maker who has an impressive portfolio.  Check out his Gamble House Rocking Chair with its cloud-lift features and his Pyramid Leg Dining Table with a lightweight Arts & Crafts design. 


NEW Mission Living Furniture
Browse through the many photos on this website for ideas about shapes and forms, especially adaptations of the style to pieces not usually seen in the original (i.e. coffee tables, media cabinets, computer credenzas, etc.).  If you see something that you like, but feel it a bit advanced or involved, take a look at their line of unfinished furniture kits.  


Fine Reproduction Furniture - styles prior to 20th Century

Robert L. Millard - Cabinetmaker Federal Style Side Table by Robert L. Millard
Mr. Millard is truly a gifted cabinetmaker specializing in Federal style furniture reproductions.  Mr. Millard, recently featured in Woodworker's Journal Ezine, maintains a website that should serve as inspiration to all woodworkers.  I am listing his site not only for inspiration, but because he has graciously provided a methods of work section for two of his reproduction pieces, a Chest on Frame (c.1775) and a Tea Chest (c.1810). The Woodworker's Journal Ezine article can be found here.



NEW Allan Breed - The Breed School of American 18th Century Furniture by Handl
Mr. Breed is a superb craftsman who reproduces fine furniture built in America during the 1700s using contemporary methods of the time. His chairs are masterpieces of carving, turning and proportion.  His casework is impeccable - truly inspiring.


Rustic / Vernacular Furniture

Robby V Pederson's - RVP 1875Pie Safe by Robby Pederson
Here is a link to a true galoot furniture maker, Robby Pederson of Story City, Iowa.  Robby handcrafts furniture the old-fashioned way.  First he chops down the tree using an axe and bucks and mills his lumber to size using a portable milling machine.  Then using traditional hand tools, he dimensions the lumber and  builds the furniture.  Lastly he prepares finishes from natural and traditional materials, such as walnuts, raspberries, and onion peels.  Robby has put together an interesting site for the Galoot in all of us.  



Contemporary / Studio / Traditional

Roger Combs - WoodworkerMaple Stool by Roger Combs
I believe that you will find Mr. Combs' work an inspiration in wood selection and the mastery of shape and form.


Fine Handmade Furniture by John Moldovan
This craftsman's work features clean-line contemporary design that allows the beauty of the wood and the joinery to take center stage. His line features rocking chairs, stools, and desk chairs. 


Craig Yamamoto - Woodworker
Mr. Yamamoto has created a wonderful fusion of Japanese and shaker styles. ones displays an eclectic gallery of work on his website. His work is all about the wood, clean simple lines, and perfectly executed joinery.  This site features wonderfully clear and inspiring photographs.


Brian Boggs - Chairmakers
Mr. Boggs needs no introduction to the serious woodworker.  His work is unsurp
assed in thoughtful construction and design. Click on his catalog to view some of graceful traditional chair designs. Mr. Boggs is famous for giving back to the woodworking community through his many magazine articles, DVDs, and workshops. Several of his Fine Woodworking articles are reproduced on his website. 


Matt Jones - Furniture, Art, and Interior Woodworking
Mr. Jones displays an eclectic gallery of work on his website.  He includes several views of each of his pieces, which range from chairs, to casework, to cabinetry.

NEW Jeff Miller - Handcrafted Furniture
Mr. Miller, working in the Studio vernacular, is a true master of
curved and compound joinery.  He has posted excellent photographs of some of his chairs, beds, and tables.



Design In Wood
The link above will take you to the San Diego Fine Woodworkers Association's Photo Gallery page where you can view past entries in their Design In Wood competition.   This annual woodworking competition, encompassing everything from studio furniture to model ship building, has become one of the premier annual juried exhibitions in North America.


Guild of Vermont Furniture Makers
This website, broken up into the categories of Shaker, Mission, Traditional, and Contemporary, will lead you to 29 guild masters and their portfolios.  Enjoy. 


This competition hosted by the Victorian Wood Workers Association maintains a photo gallery of entries. 


H.L.Chalfant Antiques
Here you can view an ever changing gallery of the "real thing," if antique reproduction furniture is your thing. H.L. Chalfant Antiques offers several pages full of images and descriptions conveniently broken out into various categories. 


NEW The Arts And Crafts Home
Here is another antique seller with loads of photographs - this time in England.  As the name suggests, they are heavy on A&C, but they list other styles as well.  Great site.


Gamble House Virtual Archives
The University of California at Berkley maintains a virtual collection of historic and contemporary photos, blueprints, plans, and drawings for this most famous intact Greene & Greene designed house.  Not only did Henry and Charles Greene design the house but also most of the furnishings.  This superb collection provides a glimpse of the extensive work that the brothers put into this extraordinary home. The photos are zoom-able so that you can view minute details at surprising clarity. 


Objet d'art

David Selditz - WoodworkingModern Oriental Style Box by David Selditz
Mr. Selditz is primarily a box maker.  His work displays a heavy oriental influence with free flowing lines, complex shapes, and exotic wood choices. Check out his portfolio section - very nice. 


Mixed Media

NEW Theodore Ellison Designs
Mr. Ellison is a glass artist extraordinaire.  While you can spend hours admiring his work, you also get to see some wonderful door, window, and architectural work.  Most of Mr. Ellison's work can be classified as Art Nouveau, Arts & Crafts, and Prairie inspired.  Enjoy.

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